Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 3.44.17 PMLarissa Petrucci is a Policy and Research Analyst at NorCal Construction Industry Compliance (NCIC).  Her areas of specialization include labor policy, precarious and low-wage work, and construction occupations.

Larissa has spent most of her life on the West Coast in the U.S., where she earned a PhD in Sociology from the University of Oregon. As a graduate researcher, Larissa worked at UO’s Labor Education Research Center, where she conducted an analysis of the first state-wide scheduling legislation. With UO colleagues, she also conducted research that analyzes precarious working conditions in industries like retail, hospitality, food services, and child care. Before joining NCIC, Larissa worked as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at the School of Labor and Employment Relations at the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign.

Beyond her research, Larissa enjoys live music, hiking, engaging in labor education, and spending time with her cat.

To reach Larissa you can email her at lpetrucci@norcalcic.org