Larissa’s research lies at the intersections of work and organizations, critical management studies, labor movements, and race, class and gender. Her research is driven by questions like, “How much control do workers have over their own work arrangements? What are the work experiences of marginalized workers, especially women, Black, Indigenous, and people of color, and low-wage workers? What kinds of policies can support workers in achieving better work-life balance, greater workplace equity, higher wages, and more stability? And what can researchers do to support the organizing work that so many workers are already engaged in?”

Larissa has particular expertise in the areas of low-wage work and unpredictable scheduling, knowledge work and STEM occupations, workplace equity, and community organizing. Her work has been published in Industrial and Labor Relations Review; Women, Politics & Policy; Gender, Work & Organization; Labor Studies Journal; Environmental Justice; and Sociological Perspectives.

Larissa is a mixed-methods researcher with primary expertise in qualitative research, including in-depth interviews and participant observation, in which she uses Dedoose to analyze qualitative data. She has also conducted research using content analysis, digital ethnography, surveys, and quantitative methodologies, using Atlas.TI, STATA, Qualtrics, and Excel to analyze data. She has experience with research design, recruitment, acquiring, creating, and cleaning large datasets from publicly available data, publishing independent and co-authored peer-reviewed research, public policy reports, and research briefs, and presenting findings at academic conferences and stakeholder meetings.

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